NoAgentFees.com was created to make things easier for you whether you're a homeowner looking to sell or lease your property, or an individual looking to buy your first home or next investment.

As property prices increased over the past years so did the fees paid to real estate agencies. All this with very limited improvements to the service.

To put this into perspective, many real estate agencies in Malta charge up to 5% plus 18% VAT to owners when they introduce a buyer and conclude the sale. On a modestly priced property worth €250,000, that is a shocking €12,500 + €2,250 VAT which results in an extra €14,750.

Although there are different ways to market property, establishing a link without an intermediary remains challenging as real estate agents dominate the market.

We have built a channel where owners, buyers, and tenants can find each other on one platform. We’ll bring you together and provide plenty of helpful advice to make the sales process super simple.

All properties are sold at their valued price with 0% commission added!

Through our platform, buyers and sellers are connected directly, allowing them to negotiate directly amongst themselves.

Getting started is simple! Just create an account and proceed with listing your property.

Make sure you have high-quality images (3MB is more than enough, larger files will slow your upload) as well as all information & details related to the property. The more information you add to your listing, the more interest it will generate with potential buyers.

Once live on our site, we'll begin to market your property through online channels with the goal of finding a buyer.