About us

We built this website to make the traditional ‘buyer - estate agent - seller’ relationship one step faster. In an age when we are all presumably connected online, the direct link between buyers and sellers was still difficult to make.

It is also more costly. Estate agents in Malta charge up to 5% plus 18% VAT to owners when they introduce a buyer and make a sale. On a modestly priced property worth €250,000, that is a shocking €12,500 + €2,250 VAT. If owners could find buyers directly (or vice versa), we know that they would pass on some of those savings and achieve a faster, smoother sale.

But creating the connection between owners and buyers or tenants is often rather difficult. Most adverts on online and classified adverts are posted by agents. Besides, the adverts on the classified listings give little information or show no visuals of the properties . Trying to locate the owner of a property that you spot on the street is frustrating.

Wherever you looked, there was almost no way for owners to avoid estate agency fees. Until now!

We have built a channel where owners and buyers can find each other at the click of a mouse. We’ll bring you together and provide plenty of helpful advice to make the sales process super simple.

We’re also connecting property owners and tenants.

Best of all, it costs just €149 to list a property for sale and €99 to list a property to let, both inclusive of VAT. There’s no commission, no hidden charges and you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose (except those massive estate agent fees if you don’t give us a go).

Good luck!

The NoAgentFees team.