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A Tenant’s Wishlist

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We’d all love a pool and a hot tub, but if you also want to save up for a deposit on a house, you might have to forgo the luxuries while you rent.

Once you know how much you can spend on rent, you can think about what you most want and need. We’d all love a pool and a hot tub, but if you also want to save up for a deposit on a house, you might have to forgo the luxuries while you rent. Here’s what to think about:


Sliema and St. Julian’s are wildly popular, but they are also pricey. If you are on a budget, look elsewhere to find an apartment that suits you. The further you get from those areas (especially towards the South), the happier your bank balance will be. Consider the North of the Island if you don’t need to be in town every day. 

Gozo Go-To

Those people who don’t have regular business in Malta itself might want to think about living in Gozo. It’s peaceful, has panoramic views in many locations… and you will love the prices. 

Driving You Crazy

What could be nicer that sitting in an endless traffic jam, breathing in the carbon monoxide emitted by the car in front? Well, walking to work for starters! It’s a brilliant way to get your exercise, clear your head and skip the queues. That’s partly why Sliema and St. Julian’s are so very popular with renters. If a walk or ferry to work isn’t an option, think very carefully before you commit yourself to a stressful and boring commute that will routinely make you late. Public transport users should make sure their new place is on a direct bus route. A small motor bike or a bicycle could also be a good solution to help you beat the traffic and this could a solution that you could consider, especially as the weather in Malta is kind for many months of the year.

Room To Move

Each extra bedroom will bump up the price of your rental apartment, so figure out how many you really need and search in that criteria

Breathing Room

If you absolutely must have outside space, ask yourself if a large terrace or balcony will do, rather than a garden. It will probably be a lot cheaper. 


Launderettes can mean broken machines that keep your money and drums that leave grease marks on your white work shirts… not to mention a vast amount of time wasted watching your clothes go round and round. You need an in-house washing machine – full stop. Think about what else you can’t do without (will a dishwasher save your relationship?) and prioritise that. 

Air Conditioning

For much of the year, Malta’s weather is delightful, but in January and February, that damp cold will seep into your bones and the heat in August can bake you. Depending on where you choose to live, A/C might be a ‘must-have’ (but remember, it’s very expensive to run).


Pets might be a part of the family to you, but property owners just see the potential for damage. As a result, having a pet can make it harder to find a good property. It might help to let the landlord/lady meet your animal (presuming he/she is well behaved!). Another option is to offer a higher security deposit, but  bear in mind that if the dog chews the rug or the cat scratches the furniture, you’ll be kissing that money goodbye. You might also offer to cover the cost of extra landlord’s insurance, which would pay for damage from your pet. 



How To Make The Most of A Rental Property in Malta

Property rental in Malta is a good idea, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. For a landlord the benefits are twofold - an extra source of income and their property is being occupied, rather than being left empty and prone to dilapidat