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Buyer Do’s and Don’ts

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Buying a home is emotive; it’s easy to get carried away when you find what appears to be the house of your dreams.

Buying a home is emotive; it’s easy to get carried away when you find what appears to be the house of your dreams. But if you let your guard down, you’ll miss alarm bells such as the mould in the basement, the noisy neighbours or the fact that the property is overpriced compared to others in the area. Follow these tips to make sure that your heart doesn’t rule your head.


Do Views

If you fall in love with a property, book another viewing at a different time of day, and go again in the evening. Maybe it’s suffocatingly hot at midday or next to a noisy school, or a rowdy pub that only opens at 7pm. Don’t be shy about asking to see a property multiple times and don’t let the seller pressure you into a Konvenju too quickly. This is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Go Alternative

Even if you’re sure ‘this is the one’, look at similar properties on the market in that area (and beyond). Hopefully, you’ll find you are getting a great deal; if not, you have a chance to negotiate the price down or make a different choice. You can continue to visit other houses right up until you sign the konvenju… there’s nothing to lose!

Wishing Well

Ask yourself whether the property ticks off most of the items on your wish list and avoids everything on your ‘deal-breaker’ list.


Think about the property’s potential. You might be single now, but if a spouse, a baby or a pet comes along, will there be room?  Could you build another floor or extend the house? Conversely, if you are getting older, will you be able to access the property easily if you become less mobile and is it near essential services? Ideally, the property should be  able to adapt as your life changes.

Location Love

Are you excited to live in this area? If not… look again.

On the Alert

Being the first past the post can help when it comes to home buying. It’s an opportunity to make an offer on a property that you love before anyone else can snap it up. One way to achieve that is to set up property alerts on www.noagentfees.com. Simply choose the criteria that you are looking for and you’ll get an email or text alert every time a suitable property is listed.



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