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How to Attract the Best Tenants

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Renting out a property is like running a business. Companies spend time and money finding clients through adverts; they rely on cool imagery to attract consumers; and they like to keep customers happy.

If you see yourself as a business owner, investing in finding and keeping the right tenant will make sense. Here’s how to do it:


1. Pictures are everything. Make the property look clean, bright and airy, then take great pictures that will appeal to your target market.


2. Write a rocking description of your place; along with the images, it will lure in top-end tenants. 


3. Using noagentfees.com will ensure that you are putting your ad in a place where tenants will be looking.


4. If you’re offering a furnished apartment, it might be worth investing in new furniture to get the very best people. 


5. Fix anything that is letting the property down, like a stained carpet or broken tiles. 


6. Stress the good life; are you near an access to the sea for swimming, a great café or bar, some country walks or a lovely play area? If so, tell people about it. 


7. Offer perks if you can; that might mean free parking, air conditioning, access to a pool, a gym membership or a state of the art coffee machine. Perhaps you know people who will offer your tenants a discount at their business? These perks might persuade the best tenants to rent from you. 


8. Once you settle on a tenant, treat them well. Ensure that you give them notice before you visit (and those visits should only happen when really necessary); respond quickly if and when issues come up, fix things for free when they go wrong, even if you don’t have to; be responsive and helpful; make sure you’ve covered all health and safety bases.


9. If you’ve got someone looking after your property and paying the rent on time, you’re onto a good thing. Don’t let it go!


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