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How to Sell Your Home… for More!

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If you want to propel your house into the next price bracket, you need to add value.

Here’s how you can add value to your house:

1. A Boost in the Bedrooms

Increasing the number of bedrooms you have might sound dramatic, but it’s not that difficult to split a large room into two; a decent contractor could easily do it in a couple weeks or so. The results will be immediate; your property will now be attractive to buyers looking for two bedroom AND three bedroom homes. That means you’re likely to get a higher offer which will recoup the cost of the work, and then some.

2. Park the Garage

Another alternative is to convert your garage, but think carefully before you do this. If on-street parking is at a premium where you live, a garage will be a selling point in its own right. If parking is no problem, however, then that garage is wasted space which could be netting you extra Euros as a bedroom, playroom or study. 

3. Stretch the Space

If you have a garden, consider adding a conservatory or small extension on at the back of the house. The extra space will be very attractive to buyers. 

4. Put in a Plan

If the thought of all that building work brings you out in a rash, there’s a simpler solution for you; get planning permission for that extension or to add an extra floor. That piece of paper alone might be worth its weight in gold, as buyers see the full potential of your property.


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