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The Most Sought-After Seaside Property Locations In Malta

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Property in Malta is a hot commodity and this is becoming increasingly so as land becomes more of a scarce resource.

Property in Malta is a hot commodity and this is becoming increasingly so as land becomes more of a scarce resource. Owning property on a small Mediterranean island has a certain appeal; however, as with all places, certain areas tend to be in greater demand than others, for a variety of reasons. Some people seek a seaside house, others a city base, while others want to be based in a historical location - Malta can offer all these options.

Let’s focus on the seaside attraction. It goes without saying that Malta is known for its gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and living close to the sea is an aspiration for many. Thankfully, by living on an island, this is a fairly easy objective to achieve.

Mellieha – St Paul’s Bay – Sliema – St Julians – Marsascala

The above places are all located by the sea, ranging from the very north to the very south, always sticking to the east side of the island which is more inhabited than the west side, since the west is largely dominated by cliffs.

Mellieha - Living Up North

Mellieha is a typical seaside town which has grown over the years and hosts three of Malta’s popular sandy beaches which lie side-by-side to each other, separated only by kiosks or picnic areas. Mellieha offers all the amenities that one would need on a day-to-day basis from banks to shops, has some wonderful restaurants and is serviced regularly by public transport. Mellieha also boasts an exclusive villa area known as Santa Marija Estate which comprises large, luxury villas, all with their own private pools and entertainment space. These particular properties all come with high price tags for those who are after that type of lifestyle, while the rest of the town offers more moderate property prices.

St Paul’s Bay - Quaint, Yet Practical

Further down the coast one finds St Paul’s Bay, a traditional fishing village, which has also grown into a town in recent years yet still retains many of its original attractions, especially in its bay area where fishing boats are still moored, providing a very picturesque atmosphere. St Paul’s Bay is also known for its little islands which pay homage to St Paul who is regarded as Malta’s religious patriarch. According to religious beliefs, St Paul, who was shipwrecked on the island while on his way to Rome to stand trial, brought the Christian belief to the Maltese Islands. In previous years, St Paul’s Bay was regarded as a ‘summer house’ place, and, while it does tend to be busier during the summer months and get quieter in winter, it’s actually great balance for those who want a mixture of the two.

St Julians/Sliema - The Entertainment Mecca

St Julians and Sliema are often grouped into the same category since they meld into each other and it’s difficult to know where one ends and the other begins. Known as the popular and populated areas of Malta, these towns offer a hub of activity in terms of entertainment, shopping, eating out, nightlife, and the like. A lovely promenade separates the rocky beach from the road and is frequented by walkers, joggers and families all year round. Although houses are sometimes available in this area, it is largely built up with flats, and seafront flats are always in very high demand. In St Julians one finds the luxury development of Portomaso comprising luxury apartments and duplex properties, some with their own balcony pools, surrounding a small yacht marina and serviced by private underground parking and other property perks. Other luxury developments are also available in the area, though some are still under construction. Meanwhile, Tigne Point is one of the luxury districts in Sliema with gated access providing security to its occupants and many of the apartments enjoying beautiful open sea views. While property in Sliema and St Julians tends to lean towards a higher price bracket, this area is seen as a lucrative investment for both the sale and rental market.

Marsascala - The Modern Fishing Village

Sometimes the south of the island is disregarded; however, there has been regeneration in certain localities, with family parks and promenades giving the area a much-needed boost making it more appealing to property buyers. Marsascala in particular is a thriving town with lovely fish restaurants, plenty of shops, and a community spirit that still thrives. Property in this area is largely affordable with both houses and new builds available on the market.Whichever location tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find the ideal property for your tastes and budget. 



The Most Sought-After Inland Property Locations In Malta

Malta's mixture of villages and towns is quite eclectic and although many of them tend to blend into one another without any separation, there are still noteworthy identifiers, not least each town’s church.