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When To Sell Your Property? Timing Is (Almost) Everything

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If spring has sprung or autumn is falling while you are reading this, then you’re in luck. 

If spring has sprung or autumn is falling while you are reading this, then you’re in luck. April to May are great times to sell, and September traditionally has high demand too, with sellers getting close to the asking price. Conversely, around Christmas time, and in the intense heat of August, no-one really wants to be schlepping around looking at houses. 

Still, if you need to put your house on the market out of the peak season, don’t despair; the reduced number of properties available might make yours stand out. The property market in Malta is continuing to boom, fueled by foreign investors, iGaming executives and local demand. That means there’s almost no such thing as a bad time to sell – but if you can hang on for spring or autumn, it might make the sales process easier. 

Choose The Perfect Timing

If you do need to sell out of season, there are some things that can help:

High Summer Suggestions

- A/C is a must; you can’t have buyers walking into an oven. If you don’t have it, rent some units and have them running well before a showing.

- Offer buyers cold drinks, or even homemade fruit ice-pops! Whatever keeps them cool and focused will help.

- If you have an outside area, invest in some good quality shade such as a pagoda, canvas sails or even potted trees from a nursery.

- Try to go for viewings first thing in the morning; it will be cooler.

Deep Winter Suggestions

- Turn up the heating; your home needs to feel warm and cosy. Rent or buy heaters if you need to. 

- Light a fire in the fireplace

- Cut out drafts with blinds and door covers. Invest in cosy rugs if the floors feel chilly. 

- Try to offer viewings in the middle of the day when there is most light. If you can’t avoid an evening showing, you can introduce the house with soft lighting, but have some brighter spotlights available to turn on so that the buyer can really see the place well.

- If it’s pouring with rain or horribly stormy, don’t be afraid to cancel a viewing, especially if there’s a risk of flooding. 


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