in Valletta

€ 180,000

1 bedroom Maisonette for sale

in Valletta

€ 180,000

Beds 1 bedroom

Bedrooms 1 bathroom

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A true piece of history in the capital city of Valletta.

This property has been built in the 16th century dating back to the Knights era.

The property features in the planning authority's pre-1968 archive map and is a typical 16th Century built in the Knights Hospitaller's era.

On the ground floor, the premises consists of a single room measuring 6.18m in clear depth and 2.94m in width, which connects directly onto a stone spiral staircase linking to the upper mezzanine level. The room is roofed over with wooden beams and stone flagstones, which structure and the remaining 2.1m headroom suggest that the mezzanine level was constructed at a later stage throughout the centuries. The upper floor level again follows the same lower-level space dimensions, with an added 1.5m wide lateral room overlying third-party property. The upper roofing structure consists of a series of stone arches supporting stone flagstones.

The unit covers an appropriate footprint of 18m2 on the ground floor and extends to 29m2 at the upper mezzanine level, totaling a net internal floor area of 47.3m2.


Historical Property

16th Century

Knights Era