in Dingli

€ 2,999,000

2 bedroom Farmhouse for sale

in Dingli

€ 2,999,000

Beds 2 bedrooms

Bedrooms 3 bathrooms

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Number of bedrooms
Internal floor area (m²)
290 m2
Plot size (m²)
2200 m2
Outdoor area (m²)
2010 m2
Number of bathrooms

The property is located in a very quiet area on the outskirts of Dingli with views of the Verdala Palace and 360 degrees of country views. The property includes a commercial permit ‘Class 2C’ which allows for an educational facility with accommodation (Residential school).


Internal accommodation consists of 5 VRD approved horse stables, a feed room, a tack room, a 40 sqm classroom/office with kitchenette & wheelchair accessible bathroom, a large 50 sqm Kitchen/Living/Dining, 2 large bedrooms with own fully equipped ensuite bathrooms and a box room.


The entire building is insulated against heat gain/loss and against sound with a rockwool filled space between the inner brick and outer stone. The lower floor is completely damp-proofed with welded 4mm tar membrane under floor and between inner and outer wall surfaces.


All concrete, precast slabs and building blocks are made with the hardest granite gravel available and imported from Monte Negro. No local soft limestone gravel was used in  the construction.


Glass panels used in all existing doors and windows are laminated for safety. The glass panels in the existing external doors and windows are also double-glazed, UVA/UVB protected and slightly tinted.


The entire building is wired for 3-Phase electricity, data communications (both wired and wireless) and CCTV cameras.


All internal living areas are fully heated and air-conditioned.


The outdoor areas of the property (approx. 2100 sqm) consist of landscaped gardens, traditional rubble walls, outdoor terraces, a private parking area for multiple cars, a 70.000 liter outdoor water reservoir which can be easily converted into a swimming pool, 5 horse paddocks and a large training/exercise arena.


Public utilities at the property include Electricity, water, sewage and fiberoptic communications.


The property also includes a 60,000 liter underground water reservoir fed strictly from rainwater collected on the roof. The water is then treated with an electronically controlled water column filtration system and UVC lamps, making it suitable for domestic use. Also suitable for drinking after passing through an additional UVC light plus an existing under-sink ultra filtration unit.




Country views



Space for pool

Potential to add more floors



Dressage Arena


6 car parking area


Air conditioned


Olive Trees


Water Reservoir

Water Filtration

Fiber internet

Main sewers

Water Mains


Class 2C permits