Simply click on ‘Sign In’ and register or login to your account. Click on your name in the top right corner of our website. Then click on the ‘Add A Property Listing’ button and follow the prompted steps.

It costs just €24.00, that's it.

Yes! Our aim is to support any other methods you currently use to sell or rent your property.

If someone wants to inquire about your property, they will contact you directly by means of the information submitted in the 'preferred method of communication' section which you would have filled in on registration. You may choose an (Email, Call or SMS) and will be able to contact you by means of that, directly.

Photos are an essential requirement for proper assessment of your property. They help to showcase it. People will be specifically relying on the photos available to judge whether they are interested in viewing a property or not.

You can list multiple properties, be they for sale or rent.

Absolutely nothing! The aim of the website is to create a commission-free property database so buyers get free access to owners directly. Neither buyers nor owners pay a commission. Our source of income is the listing fee which you would have paid up front in order for your listing to go live!

A listing will remain published until your property is sold or rented.